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Updated: Mar 17

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About This Game Statement: This version is not really a version that I think can be published.Here's a physical game of throwing balls! Tired of the big gun battle which use the straight line, you can try parabola and rebound!A different kind of fightUse a 40-meter-per-second ball as a weapon to attack your opponent. The perfect bounce allows you to make countless unexpected operations.You can also bounce out your opponent's or your ball with a shield without delay.The skills of each character are very distinctive. You can use the special skills of your favorite characters to dazzle your operations. Music rhythmThe two-dimensional life on the ground will change infinitely with the game music, and each rhythm will give you some of the energy you need to use your skills.A variety of game modesAt present, there are chaos, flag capture, team up, and computer player modes. Of course, we will not be satisfied. There may be more game modes in the future, such as prop mode, Dodgeball, battle royale, digging and so on.You can't match other players? Computer's with youCan play with the computer on the side of multiplayer game match, do not underestimate the level of the computer!A world of light and energyMore content inside, happy game!MoreRookie Tutorial Text Edition:Press W A S D to movePress left mouse to shoot and right to put a shield(wall)Press E, you can used your big skill. Press F you will release a small skill. Press C to check the ballistics (按C键测试弹道)Press N to respawn your character(when you meet bugs it will be useful) The character's skill can be checked in rooms by press T button when you have selected the character The CD of shooting ball is very short, don't wait the crosshair ending the rotation! 1075eedd30 Title: North StarsGenre: Free to PlayDeveloper:凌望工作室Publisher:凌望工作室Release Date: 27 Jun, 2018 North Stars Crack Activation


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